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I’M 600% DONE.

OMFG I nearly spit Coke on my students taking a practice test

Forever reblog.

I’m sorry I have to reblog this simply because there are teachers who are on tumblr, the fandom part of tumblr, during class. You’re f***ing awesome.


I nearly spit Coke on my students

you are my hero, random fandom teacher


Fandom people are everywhere.



to everyone with finals and exams and big projects due very very soon and haven’t started anything yet




we could be married with like 4 kids and i’d still be too scared to text you first

    tell ur dog i said hi
— me to all my friends w/ dogs  (via ven0moth)
Anonymous: What's that in your tags about Ben being picked up and taken to his hotel after a week of binging? It was in the news? I haven't found anything about it 


Yeah it’s from Tor’s Mind Phallus Prints. To be read in Australian accent. 

"Actor Benedict Cumberbatch rescued by a Sydney Seaplane pilot after a week binge!

Benedict Cumberbatch, 37, from London, who is best known for playing Sherlock Holmes was picked up by a Sydeny seaplane pilot earlier today. Reports say that he has been off his face on Australia’s best white for 1 whole week and he’d simply forgotten where he was and where he was staying. Cumberbatch was found along the shore chatting to a tennis ball he’d apparently named ‘Wilson’. He said, “I can’t wait to get back to my hotel to change my clothes! It’s been a long and confusing week. I couldn’t even remember what my name was. Wilson here told me it was Steve Jones and there were no reservations for me in the hotels we went in to. Or were the public bathrooms…? Wilson is the best and worse co-star i have ever fucking worked with.” He also said, “Apparently some website has said i’ve acquired a mystery girlfriend since i’ve been stranded, so naturally i can’t wait to meet her, man! They better not be lying to me! Cor, i do hope she likes puzzles!” Our reporter Dwayne Honeysett couldn’t get much more of his report written down saying Cumberbatch was “talking way too fast for my hand, dude. I wish i’d have recorded it instead of using my notepad. Maybe it’s the effects of the Australia wine he’d just finished off before i got there. Will have to get some of that myself!” He hugged the pilot, Terry, 33, around 14 times and gave him a few autographs (although Terry said “His autographs are like a weird, morphed smiley face?”) and pointed at Terry (“I can’t get my hand out of this position. Must be effects of that wine. It’s fucking wild, that wine!”) before he was last seen skipping (at first, the wrong way) down the harbour, throwing ‘Wilson’ in the air with joy and rapping along, acappella, to a song we aren’t quite aware of. God speed ya mate.” 

And that was a completely false article from my brain.


reading a foreign language: yeah
writing in a foreign language: ok
listening to a foreign language: wait
speaking in a foreign language: fuck


Tom Hiddleston seen dressed in costume while filming scenes for the new horror movie ‘Crimson Peak’ in Toronto on April 16, 2014 [HQ]



Jim Beaver: First day working with Tom Hiddleston. He is my ideal as an actor: brilliant, reliable, human, decent, open, and friendly. He charmed my daughter as he has charmed me. I think my kid charmed him, too. This is a fellow I could joyfully spend the rest of my career working with. He’s that good and that generous.

Excuse me while I go into a corner and cry …


Because, yes

I’m so proud of him



god bless captain america

Benedict Cumberbatch approached for a Ian Fleming biopic!


has been offered the starring role in the IAN FLEMING biopic detailing the origin stories of James Bond. The film is an adaptation of the 2009 biography by Andrew Lycett and details Fleming’s experiences in WWII where he found inspiration for the character. K5 


One happy customer Benedict Cumberbatch together with one of our seaplane pilots .. 



Tom Hiddleston seen dressed in costume while filming scenes for their new horror movie ‘Crimson Peak’ in Toronto on April 16, 2014 [HQ]